A multi purpose prestige sweatshirt, fit and designed for a wide range of activities, including workwear!


Comfort and durability is always our top priority and that's why this sweatshirt ticks every neceassary box!


Crafted out of a heavy blend of cotton with polyester, the perfect blend of materials exceedes the usual lifetime of any typical sweatshirt, and has the upside of being incredibly comfortable!


Available in 1 combination in many sizes.


Optional icon logo to be removed on selection for workwear use. 

WOLFBRBAND Cerberus Sweatshirt

SKU: JH038
  • Measurements XS S M L XL


    1/2 Chest  50cm 52cm 56cm 60cm 64cm    
    Body Length 66.5cm 68cm 71cm 74cm 77cm    
    Sleeve Length 63.5cm 65cm 66.5cm 68cm 69.5cm