A polo shirt with a athletic feel to it!

This particular polo shirt is one of the best crafted fashion items we sell! Not simply because it has a two-tone colour, but its materials, unlike our original polo shirt, this is the performance edition!

What makes it performance?

Well! For starters, the look. Addressed with the Wolf Brand logo this shirt gives a unique presence, especially with the two-tone colour, and most of all, this is a 100% polyester crafted fashion item, giving you the ability to use this item in many active sessions, wether that being athletic or a workout, this shirt will deliver!


This product is 100% Polyester


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1/2 Chest 51cm 54cm 57cm 60cm 63cm
Body Length 70cm 72.5cm 75m 77.5cm 80cm
Sleeve Length 53cm 36.5cm 38cm 40cm 42cm


WOLFBRAND Performance Polo Shirt

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