A Mystery Box with 3 products from our line up!

What we love about the exclusivity of our mystery box is that every month, it features different products! As well as that, we line up 3 different varients of what the box shall contant, but its a mystery! 


Purchasing a single or subscription mystery box is the best way to get the most Wolf Brand apparel for the price you pay! Each and every box will cost less than as if you were to buy the products individually from our store!


Everything on our product line could be in this box!

Every month we change what goes in our Mystery box, it even sometimes contains unexpected goodies! 


We also offer a subscription of our Mystery box on our Join The Pack page! for £25.99/monthly.



Each and every mystery box will contain:

-3 Wolf Brand products of any varient

-a discount code to our store





£74.99 Regular Price
£30.00Sale Price