The ALL NEW and IMPROVED Wolf Brand Sweatshirt!

Introducing....... The Alaska!


A combination of a long sleeve T-shirt and a hoodie with an excellent material combination too! 


Our NEW Top rated sweatshirt has a slightly thicker material blend than your usual Wolf Brand T-shirt, however it's also not as thick as a hoodie.


With the Alaska you get the added benefit of being slightly more covered in a breeze, but it can also compensate as a wearable option in mildly warm conditions! The best of both worlds!


It's uniquely designed to be able to be prepared in unpredictable weather, that's why it also features a lightweight hood.

Finally, it comes with an entirely NEW Wolf Brand design, printed of specially developed ink which can cope with extreme conditioms, just like our products!.


Available in many sizes and colours!

WOLFBRAND Alaska Sweatshirt

SKU: JH007
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  • Measurements XS S M L XL XXL
    1/2 Chest 42cm 46cm 50cm 54cm 58cm 62cm
    Body Length 72cm 74cm 76cm 78cm 80cm 82cm
    Sleeve Length 65cm 66cm 67cm 68cm 69cm 70cm