Complete your look this Autumn with a T-shirt that gives you more class and capability!


Our famous tri-blend t-shirt that's crafted with polyester and cotton takes a step further with the new added pouch.


If you are lucky enough to have on of our many Wolf Brand T-shirts you'll know how incredible the craftsmanship is. 

And now you can obtain that quality and a FREE Pouch for our usual £14.99 standard issue t-shirt price!


The newly added pouch features our inconic Wolf Brand logo within the size of the pouch.


Why have a pouch?

-Catch onto the latest look

-Ideal for sunglasses when indoors

-Phone holder if pockets aren't an option

-any small accessory you desire

-ideal for mics in the filming industry

Wolf Brand Poucher T-Shirt

SKU: VN105
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