We love our original and 1st coat we launched at Wolf Brand. It's classy, premium and looks twice the price!


Now 2021 demands new, forever flanking fashion products and during this cold season, it is the most anticipated and wanted product!


Here is the new design: 

-First off, there are now 2, yes 2 colours. A wonderful choice of Black, a timeless choice and the only colour we offered, and the new nutoriuous modern Navy Blue.

-A black patch at the top right, a stand out effect with our logo inprinted (our first jacket isn't branded)

-Refined pockets. Yeah sure our first quilted jacket has many pockets, this one has 2x storage space, as well as stud closure

-Zipping. Upon the new metal zip which gives a more executive feel, it also has a second closure with studs.


All these extras and advancements to the original and only £5 more!


Wolf Brand Executive Quilted Flight Jacket

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